Purpose Statement

The Kirk is an inclusive congregation, trying our best to follow Jesus. Together, we worship God, build community, and love and serve God’s people.

Recently, The Kirk spent some time trying to focus our purpose as a community. What are we all about? What kind of church are we?

We looked at our Mission Statement and Vision Statements. These were good, but we felt that they were too wordy, and not connected to our everyday work together. We wanted to have a concise guiding statement for our congregation, rooted in our history and where we sense God to be calling us to go.

Some churches focus on a list of doctrines, essentials, or “what we believe” lists. Here, instead, we focus on a shared purpose, trusting God will lead us forward together.

So we drafted this new Purpose Statement, which we approved in 2018. We plan for it to guide our future as a community that wants to be God’s hands and feet in the world:

We welcome all to experience God’s love as seen in Jesus Christ,
through worship, authentic relationships,
and meaningful work together,
and to promote peace and justice in the world.

Through this purpose, God’s love is central. Worship, relationships, and work help us experience God’s love in Jesus Christ. Peace and Justice in the world becomes our calling.

The Kirk is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)