The Session

One of the unique features of our church is not necessarily our theology, but our leadership. We elect, from our membership, women and men who serve as spiritual and practical leaders called ruling elders. These ruling elders form a leadership cabinet called The Session. Every year we elect new ruling elders to serve along with the Pastors. The Session is responsible for most of the decisions at The Kirk–everything from mundane building matters to the direction of our service ministries. The Session members seek out God’s direction for our community, and work to help us become a community of faith, hope, love, and witness.

Our Session

Class of 2019
Whitney Armstrong – Service 

Doug Houdek – Operations

Cheryl Keimig – Clerk of Session

Gina O’Brien – Christian Formation

Jerry Penland – Service

Class of 2020
Don Clardy – Worship

Susan Combs – Evangelism

Michael Lyons – Worship

Allie Reid – Christian Formation

Dennis Wolf – Operations