What to Expect

Stepping into a new church for the first time can feel like a huge deal. Questions about what you’ll find can be overwhelming at times.

First, we want you to know we understand how stressful this can be. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, come and say “Hi” at our Welcome Center, or feel free to sneak in and be anonymous. Just know that we’re glad you’re here and welcome you!

Our Sunday morning activities vary, but center around an hour-long worship service (sometimes a bit longer) starting at 10 AM. Our Service includes prayers and readings from the Bible, a 15 minute message, opportunities to sing, and music led by a choir and accompanied by an organ or piano.

After worship there is a short period for social engagement with our community. Coffee and snacks are provided – along with some great conversation. There are also sign ups and information on how to get involved in volunteer projects and activities, as well as other social events. You can also use this time to just rest and connect with something bigger than ourselves. Feel free to come and go as you see fit.